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Visitor Moorings
€6.50 per night

If you are on one of these you are good.

When tying to these please use a
"Round-Turn" on the eye (put your line through the eye twice).

This is to help minimise "Chaffing" of your lines.
If you have a chain, better.

Click here for my full
Welcome Note in pdf

If it's not too much trouble could you help with a survey I'm doing by filling out the form below and answer as many of the questions as you can. Thanks in advance.

Click here for a downloadable pdf of the survey

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Visiting Boat Survey
Please fill in


More to come

Here soon

I do hope, in the near future, to have an on-line version of this survey,
one which you can fill out and submit on line,
but for now please have a look at the questions on the pdf
and simply email me with as much or as little info as you'd like.
Or you can post it to Damian Ward, Market Street, Clifden, County Galway.
Thanks in advance for your help.